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In the oldest part of Pärnu, there is a distinguished house with a remarkable history dating back to 1696, which now proudly welcomes guests under the name Boutique Hotel Rosenplänter. Having undergone four renovation phases over more than 300 years, surviving various political regimes and wars, the building still stands in its place, fresher and happier than ever before, achieving its current dimensions.

Originally built as the main building of a rectory, later fell into disrepair, and restored in 2017 by the residents of Pärnu who desired to contribute to the city’s development and preservation of history, this protected architectural heritage site is now bustling with activity. Today, within the restored building, guests can experience high-quality leisure, design, personalized service, and excellent food at Café Pastoraat and Boutique Hotel Rosenplänter, catering to those who appreciate such experiences.

The house, named after Johann Heinrich Rosenplänter, a pastor and linguist who lived here in the early 19th century, is an ideal place to stay for both business and leisure trips. The 13 uniquely designed guest rooms offer visual delight, combining high design, modernity, and a tribute to the lost values of this place over time.

A private atmosphere and cozy ambiance are created through cleverly integrated aesthetic elements such as natural colors, lighting, live plants, and aromas. Only high-quality natural materials are used, both in custom-made furnishings and in the surrounding environment. In the luxurious guest rooms with high ceilings, finished with lime plaster, Saaremaa dolomite, and solid wood, we find additional human-friendly materials: wool, bamboo silk, cotton, and leather. Environmental friendliness holds a significant place in our Boutique Hotel Rosenplänter.

The hotel’s added value includes suites with private saunas or baths, professional service, and breakfast served in bed on trays, prepared by talented chefs at the Pastoraat Café located on the ground floor of the historic building.

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